Client Services

PLC Texas provides a full palate of legislative and policy development services. No matter what the public policy objectives of your organization, PLC Texas can help achieve them. Below is a sampling of what services PLC Texas can provide. If you have questions about these services, or would like to explore the possibility of other services, please contact us. We are always more than happy to accommodate you.

Strategic Policy Development

PLC Texas can help identify and structure the goals, guiding principles, laws, and procedures needed to overcome the challenges faced by your organization.

Drafting Legislation and Rules

PLC Texas can draft the legislation, amendments, and agency rules your organization needs to achieve your policy objectives given existing laws and regulations. We can also prepare bill books for legislative staff to best reflect your issues and to get your bill carried and passed.


PLC Texas can effectively communicate to legislators and agency staff the reasoning and justification for any changes to statutes, the state budget, or regulations. We make use of our comprehensive knowledge of the legislative process and our extensive network of contacts inside and outside of Texas state government to help ensure that those policies are implemented. Additionally, we can defend our client’s interests in the interim after a legislative session is over when new policies are being researched and developed.

Grassroots Development

PLC Texas can develop grassroots campaigns to spread understanding of your goals to your membership, employees, or the general public and help demonstrate broad-based support of those goals to legislators and other key officials.

Regulatory Services

PLC Texas can assist understanding agency rules and interacting with state agencies. We can also help navigate any application processes to increase the possibility of receiving state funds or qualifying for state programs.

Communication Services

PLC Texas can draft white papers, press releases, editorials, and other documents to help convey our clients’ positions with respect to issues that affect them. We are also happy to participate in board meetings, seminars, and conferences to enhance political, legislative, and policy understanding.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

PLC Texas is at the forefront when it comes to providing assistance within the State of Texas’ new P3 process. This new process, established by Senate Bill 1048 in 2011 allows private sector entities to make unsolicited bids to use state land for operations. PLC Texas can successfully help guide our clients through this process from submission of bid to the Texas Facilities Commission to final approval.