Premier Legislative Consulting (PLC Texas) can effectively communicate to legislators and agency staff the reasoning and justification for any changes to state laws or the state budget. We make use of our comprehensive knowledge of the legislative process, public policy development, and our extensive network of contacts inside and outside of Texas state government to help ensure that those policies are implemented. Additionally, we can defend our client’s interests when new policies are being researched and developed.

Strategic Policy Development

PLC Texas can help identify and structure the goals, guiding principles, laws, and procedures needed to overcome the public policy challenges faced by your organization.

Drafting Legislation and Rules

PLC Texas can draft the legislation, amendments, and agency rules your organization needs to achieve your policy objectives given existing laws and regulations. We can also prepare bill books for legislative staff to best reflect your issues and to get your bill carried and passed.

Parliamentary Services

PLC Texas can develop parliamentary strategies, research potential points of order, and analyze committee and floor rules to help ensure legislative success for your legislative initiatives.

Government Business Development

PLC Texas can also custom design effective strategies to help successfully navigate state agency bureaucracies/applications to help increase the possibilities of our clients winning B2G contracts, grants, seed funding, and P3 partnerships.

Regulatory Services

PLC Texas can effectively assist in state agency relations. We can help in positively affecting state agency implementation of legislation and development of agency rules that affect our clients. We can also help our clients to successfully interact with state agency personnel implementing existing state programs.


Editorial Services

PLC Texas can draft compelling white papers, press releases, editorials, and other documents to help convey our clients’ positions concerning issues that affect them.

Grassroots/Grasstops Campaigns

PLC Texas can design effective custom grassroots/grasstops campaigns to spread understanding of our clients’ goals to their membership, employees, the general public, or possible allies and help demonstrate broad-based support of those goals to legislators and other key officials.

PLC Texas is also happy to participate in c-level meetings, seminars, and conferences to enhance legislative, public policy, and political understanding.

Political Action

Political Action Plan

PLC Texas can custom design an effective political action plan for our clients to help achieve their public policy goals.

PAC Registration

PLC Texas can complete the necessary registration forms to help ensure your political action committee (PAC) meets the requirements of the Texas Ethics Commission.

PAC Management

If appropriate, PLC Texas can effectively help to manage your PAC to help ensure proper record keeping and reporting to the Texas Ethics Commission.

International Relations

Consular Services

PLC Texas can help your company or organization do business abroad and establish international ties. Over 100 nations have consulates in Texas making it a major hub for international business. We can use our international experience to help expand your reach globally.

Ian and John are well-known for their ability to quickly grasp public policy issues and develop successful legislative solutions. I knew I could trust them to not only understand a complicated issue but to effectively develop a message easily understood by busy legislators and their staff. Their tenacity, strong work ethic, and deep relationships throughout the Capitol ensure their lobby clients are well served.

- Kathy Hutto

Former Lobbyist at Jackson Walker LLP